The Sail Loft - Good Things to Know about your Santana 20 Sails
Royalty Tags

Santana 20 Class Association Royalty tags are required on every sail that is used in a Class Sanctioned event.  The cost is $15.00 per tag and each sail requires one tag.  It is strongly recommended that the sailmaker sew the tag onto the starboard tack corner of the sail prior to delivery of the sail to the customer.  Royalty tags are available from the Class Treasurer.


Tuning Guides

    Ullman Sails
    Elliot Pattison Sails Tuning Guide


Measurement Stuff

    Unofficial Sail Measurement Data
    Official measurement data is presented in the Class Association Bylaws


Great Guides on Using Your Racing Sails

    Spinnaker Pointers by Various Members
    Andrew Kerr's Spinnaker Pole Height for Good Downwind Speed (January 2005)
    Andrew Kerr's Changing Headsails (September 2004)
    Andrew Kerr's Heavy Air Downwind Sailing (February 2004)