Santana 20 Class Association Membership

Click here to join or renew your membership and support your Santana 20 Class Association!

If you cannot (or chose not to) sign up online, the Class Association can process your application manually.  Please contact the Class Association Secretary listed on the Class Officer's page for details.

Membership Classifications

REGULAR MEMBER – An owner of a qualified Santana 20 Class sloop who shall have voting and racing privileges in the Association.  Dues are US$50.

2019 early registration discount of $10.00 if renewed before 12/31/2018. This is a 40% discount.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Any interested person who pays dues who shall not have voting privileges.  An Associate Member shall be eligible to skipper a Santana 20 only if it is registered with the Association by a Regular Member.  Dues are US$25.

AFFILIATE MEMBER – Any interested person who normally sails outside the U.S.  An Affiliate Member is ineligible ineligible to enter fleet, district, or regional championship regattas held within U.S. boundaries; and is ineligible to enter the Class Championship Regatta. Dues are US$15.

Membership is for a calendar year (January 1st thru December 31st).