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Comments from S20 Sailors

"The boat that performs like a dinghy, but SAILS like a keelboat"

  • "Santana 20's are fairly inexpensive compared to other keelboats. Because it is usually dry-docked, bottom maintenance and slip fees are usually minimal."
  • "For a boat of its size, it performs very well. It is one of the faster 20 foot keelboats and can outperform many 25 foot cruising boats."
  • "An S20 is a complex boat. It has almost the same controls as larger keelboats and is a great learning platform for younger sailors.".
  • "Santana 20's are sailed in the open oceans of Southern California as well as inland lakes. This speaks to the flexibility and adaptability of this boat."
Santana 20s at the Oktoberfest Regatta in Valle de Bravo (MEX)

Santana 20s at the Oktoberfest Regatta in Valle de Bravo (MEX)

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Columbus Day Regatta & Western Regional Championships

Columbus Day Regatta & Western Regional Championships

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Andrew Kerr's Race Analysis
Please watch the You Tube video of Andrew Kerr (International racing coach, J World Instructor, North U. Seminar Presenter, and a member of numerous S20 Class Championship teams) as he analyzes and comments on a practice race at the 2015 Santana 20 Class Championships.