Why Join the Santana 20 Class?

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The Benefits

  • The Santana Class is very lucky to have so many world class level sailors. As a member of the class you get a Class Yearbook with access to the membership list. This is important because this class is known for exceptional support given by the more knowledgeable sailors to the class newcomers. Being a class member gives you the opportunity to meet these sailors. From Tom Schock, our boat builder to renown sailing instructors like Andrew Kerr, or past and present class champions, you will get the help that you need to go faster and be a better sailor. And everyone is approachable. By knowing who's in the class and having the ability to get in touch with the other members, and giving them the ability to get in touch with you, you will find yourself already a step ahead in your racing campaign.
  • Part of the benefits of membership is the Class Newsletter. Published several times a year, tips and techniques as well as news of regattas and special events are regular features of the newsletter. Just the technical tips alone are immeasurable and most of these are not discussed in great detail on the bulletin board.
  • If you think you are in touch with the class goings-on just by checking out the Bulletin Board, you may be surprised that another layer of communications occur for members only.
  • Top level one-design competition occurs at class sanctioned National and Regional events where Class Membership is required.
  • You will have the chance to participate in special events such as "racing clinics" which are conducted regularly each year at various locations. Membership allows us to notify you since we will have your contact information.
  • Members get a vote at the Annual Meeting which allow you to participate in making competition fair and just in this one-design class.
  • Members learn about sailmaker group purchase discounts which can reduce the price of a suit of sails for your boat.
  • Remember: Unless you are a member, we do not have the easy ability to get in touch with you.
  • In summary, membership in this class gives you more tools to be a better sailor. Whether you belong to an area with an active fleet, or you are the only Santana 20 Sailor in your harbor, you will benefit directly from being a member.

What You Support

  • When you join this class, your membership dues support the activities that actively promote this class. This website, the newsletter, national advertising are examples of specific things that add new Santana 20 sailors and this is key to the success of this boat and your racing enjoyment. If you have benefited from these activities in the past, we ask that you continue to support the class so that you and others may continue to gain from the experience of owning a Santana 20.
  • When you bought your Santana 20 boat, you will have found yourself being helped by many other sailors who own a Santana 20. Each one of these sailors, and especially the people who contribute their time and effort for the benefit of the national class association and the local fleets such as the officers, fleet captains and directors, have the goal of improving the racing in the class by having more boats and more events. All that these people ask is that you contribute your share to help achieve these goals and in the end, it benefits you as well.