Santana 20 Mast Measurements

By Jeff Kerr - S20 # 338, Fleet 15, Dallas

Since the Santana 20 measurement certificate does not provide every single detail of what should go where on the S20 mast, I thought this drawing from the Owner's Manual could be of help to anyone (like me) who has had to replace a mast.


A. Extrusion Length                                                  26'8"

B. Bottom of Black Band to Deck                              26'4"

C. Main Luff (Between Black Bands                           24'6"

D. Centerline of Upper Shroud Bolt to Deck             24'5 1/2"

E. Spinnaker Halyard Exit                                           23'8"

F.  Spreader Height                                                      11'9" 

G. Centerline of Lower Shroud Bolt to Deck               11'6"

H. Max Height of Spinnaker Track                              65"

I.   Top of Black Band to Deck                                     22"