An interview with Blaire Wallace May 2006

 By Andrew Kerr

 Blaire and Sasha Wallace own the S20 “Tinker Toy” (# 911) and keep the boat on Lake Tahoe - the venue of the 1985 Nationals.  The boat was formerly owned by John Musa of Fort Collins, Colorado and saw action at the ’99 Nationals on Lake Alcover.  Blaire and Sasha have actively raced the boat and last year they went to the Camellia Cup, Firecracker regatta (Klamath Falls), Whiskey town regatta and the Nationals (amongst other events) at Cascade Locks.  They actively race the boat in the local beer can races on Lake Tahoe and are looking forward to a great year of S20 racing in 2006.

 AK: Tell us about the sailing you did prior to the S20.

BW: I crewed for other teams, Mumm 30’s, Melges 24’s, Melges 30’s, that kind of stuff.

 AK: What prompted you to buy the S20 and join the class?

BW: I wanted to sail more one design regattas. Also wanted regatta’s to be more fun. More crew doesn’t usually mean more fun.

 AK: How is the local racing on Tahoe?

BW: Probably some of the toughest PHRF racing anywhere. Living in town with so many pro athletes can make for some pretty competitive sailing.

 AK: You have been exemplary road warriors this last year – tell us about the experience of traveling to new venues and events.

BW: I used to race cars for a living and always loved to be on the road seeing new places. It’s fun to sail in a new place and see how quickly you can figure things out.

 AK: Tell us about the experience of going to the Nationals and sailing on the Gorge.

BW: A really good experience. We didn’t have our regular middle so we sailed much more conservatively than I like to. But still a lot more fun than not sailing!

AK: Lake Tahoe is such a beautiful venue – it has been 21 years since the last S20 Nationals were held there - do you foresee a Nationals being held there again in the near future?

BW: It’s a great place to sail because it’s so shifty and unpredictable which also doesn’t make it a great place for an important regatta.

AK: How does next year’s S20 racing schedule look for you?

BW: I‘d sail every weekend & Wednesday night if I could get crew. It looks like we will probably sail 8 to 10 S20 regatta’s in the 2006 season.

AK: Thank you Blaire, we look forward to seeing you and your team at different S20 regatta venues this year.