From:   Chief Measurer
Date:    February 15, 2005
Subj:    Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Poles

Q: Does the Santana 20 class currently allow carbon fiber spinnaker poles?

A: No.  There appear to be no Santana 20 Class rules that allow poles that differ from the standard equipment provided by the S20 builder (i.e. aluminum) so by default a carbon spinnaker pole is not allowed.

There are three class rules that apply (which you can find at under the Association and Measurement sections) to changes in equipment when no prior rulings exist to guide us. They are:

1) Articles of Incorporation Article III.2 - Relating to keeping costs of
upkeep within modest limits
2) Bylaw Article VI.2 - Changes are illegal unless specifically allowed
3) Bylaw Article VI.5 - Substitute hardware allowed if there are no
functionality changes

The first two rules set our overall strategy and are the basis of not allowing the use of carbon in making S20 spinnaker poles. The third rule is the only rule that theoretically could allow a carbon pole but this rule is commonly interpreted to apply only to the fittings permanently attached to the boat that, over time, become obsolete and worn out and must be replaced with "not factory standard" components. I interpret this rule as NOT being appliable to the spinnaker pole because the pole isn't a permanent part of the boat and there is no difficulty in finding brand new aluminum poles that are exactly or nearly exactly the same as those provided by the builder.

In summary, two rules against the proposal and one rule that is marginally in favor of the proposed change leads to my no decision.

+John Papadopoulos
S20 Class Measurer