Ron Fish and Team raise to the top at class Champ. 2018

2018 Class Champions - left to right : Robert Moline, Ron Fish, Jac Thomas

1st class ron.JPG


2018 S20 Champs left to right

1: Ron Fish , 2: Gordon Mattatall , 3: Paul Stephens , 4: Kevin Dickeys , 5: Russ Petersen --  Race results

Go to news section for more pic's and I hope a recap from the winners below is Friday and Saturday video.

Video by the Race personal on water: S20 Class Champs

Saturday Video

Video by the Race personal on the water: S20 Class Champs

Daniel Owens and the other youth placed this video on you tube

Video by the Youth team of class champs

Most of the players at 2018 Class Champ