Open Invitation...

Open Invitation...

Postby mckeever » Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:14 pm

... to folks traveling to and from Nationals this summer from parts east and south of Colorado

I wanted to let you know about a couple of regattas in Colorado that bracket Nationals and could easily be "on your way".

On July 14-15, the Aspen Yacht Club is holding their annual regatta on Ruedi Reservoir (39.369677°, -106.789680°, ~7800ft, 3:58 west of Denver). This is a Fleet 28 "must do" regatta and is always a great time. There is camping at the club, the club has a dinner Saturday night, we can arrange to feed you other meals if you'd like. See

On August 3-5, the Dillon Yacht Club holds their Dillon Open on Lake Dillon (39.625733°, -106.043113°, ~9033ft, 1:25 west of Denver). Dillon is a full service resort town and a great venue and party. More info:

We would love to snag anyone traveling to Nationals from your neck of the woods for either of these events or just Wednesday evenings on Cherry Creek (39.641092°, -104.870691°, 5560ft) in Denver.

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