Jib track & car suggestions.

Jib track & car suggestions.

Postby RRaedeke » Thu May 17, 2012 7:37 pm

My new (to me) Santana doesn't have the inside jib tracks and cars.
There seems to be a number of options out there.
Anyone got a favorite and a suggestion on where to acquire some that won't break the bank?

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Re: Jib track & car suggestions.

Postby Vernon Green » Fri May 18, 2012 7:21 am

For the track you can simply cut about 2 foot off the aft end of the genoa tracks. There is a straight section of track right at the back. You should never have your genoa car back that far so think of it as saving weight. Plus it saves some money on new track.

From there go on Vela sailing supply and look up "t track jib cars" measure the track if needed but it should be the 1 inch track. You can pick up a couple of jib cars for 50 bucks then put what ever your preferred block is on them. I like the Harken air blocks but just about anything will work.
Vernon Green
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Re: Jib track & car suggestions.

Postby RRaedeke » Fri May 18, 2012 8:44 am

Vernon - fantastic idea!
The boat has twin cars and blocks on each track - I assume the second is for the Spinnaker? And although I have never flown a spin - as I understand it those lines do run right at the aft end of the boat? So would taking that track down in length change the location of the spin blocks?

We are still just getting our feet wet with this whole sailing thing and frankly it may be sometime before we venture down the Genoa and/or Spin path.
So I could see us robbing that length of track and a set of blocks to use for the jib very easily. Then I just need to buy some of the track ends.

Thanks for the great suggestion.
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Re: Jib track & car suggestions.

Postby Geoffpz1 » Fri May 18, 2012 9:35 am

Cut the track, worst case, once you decide to go spin just attach a ratchet block to the aft stantion base and bobs your uncle. You want them outboard anyway. Once you get serious, you can move them back and further outboard with just a bracket(you would need to drill holes for this though). Location totally depends on skipper mine are between the pushpit and the aft stantion as far out as I could put them.

Good luck.
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Re: Jib track & car suggestions.

Postby mckeever » Sat May 19, 2012 8:31 am

One gotcha here.
The older boats came with genoa track that is ~15/16 inch wide, the "ears" are ~3/16 inch thick, have rounded corners and there is a groove down the middle of the top in which the screw heads lie. I have never seen a new car that fits this track. The old cars that I have that fit this stuff have non-ratchet blocks permanently attached.
The newer track measures 1" x 1/8", has square corners, and a flat top with countersinks for the fasteners. Most, if not all, of the cars currently available fit this track.
You may be able to retask your spinnaker block slides to work as jib leads.

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