Go fast goodies, what say you??

Go fast goodies, what say you??

Postby Geoffpz1 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:30 pm

Hello Fleet,
Question for the masses.. If you were to have a fast, dry, old deck boat, that is raced in a competitive fleet (#600+), what would you do to make it better on a budget (aside from getting a new deck). All running rigging is replaced on a regular basis, lifelines removed, Mast is in good shape(sheevs etc all work well), have aft lowers, new sails regularly, main track moved forward, jib tracks set up in right place, backstay is set up optimally, pole on boom, twings in correct place, no extra weight below, basically have all the go fast goodies set up (aside from external purchase on jip halyard, fraculator line and stuff is not set up to trim from rail) even cup holders. I have been racing this thing for 18+ yrs and just need some outside input from anyone that wants to give it... All suggestions welcome and will earn beers next time we meet, if utilized for good not evil... Basically looking for a fresh perspective from the fleet...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Go fast goodies, what say you??

Postby Grendel » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:53 pm

A few things that you might already have.
#1 - clean bottom
#2 - get that jib halyard fine tune installed for proper head sail shape.
Other minor things:
Nylon ramps under check stay tracks to give maximum forward lean mast when flying spinnaker?
Rough tune and fine tune for back-stay?
Windward sheeting traveler (not cheap unless you can pick up a used one.)
Minimum running rig line sizes - no more than 1/4" except for main sheet?
Cover stripped on halyards except where handled and cleated?
If you sail in much light air:
1. Cover stripped from outboard end of spin sheets for less weight dragging on the clew.
2. Same for outboard end of tweakers; use small rings or similar in lieu of blocks for reduced weight on spin-sheet
3. Back-stay flicker batten at top of mast with composite back-stay (1/8" Amsteel Blue works well) to clear main on tacks.
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