Flush Mount Compasses - early years.

Flush Mount Compasses - early years.

Postby RRaedeke » Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:27 am

I own hull 79. When I purchased her 3 years ago, she arrived in Colorado with both deck mounted compasses inoperable. Not really a problem when sailing on inland lakes here.
I removed the compasses and intended to mount round teak covers over the holes. As I get ready to install the covers I've begun to wonder if I shouldn't keep it original and install both compasses again.
Does anyone know which flush mounted unit fits the 4.5" hole in the deck and/or might have been the original manufacturer of the compasses.
Second - for those of you who don't have compasses in those locations, what have you done with the hole?

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Re: Flush Mount Compasses - early years.

Postby mckeever » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:08 am

Hi, Richard
I am assuming that your holes are in the flat spots at the front of both seatback coamings. This spot is under the leg of the forward crew when hiking out as far as is legal and the compass sticking up is not very comfortable. Most boats in Colorado don't have compasses or holes in these spots and some have plugged the holes with beverage holders or access ports. In any case it should not allow water into the boat or collect it. The current hot compass solution is an electronic gadget attached to the mast below the gooseneck.
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