Looking at Hull 432

Looking at Hull 432

Postby rcnight » Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:00 pm

I have an opportunity to purchase hull #432. From the pix (I have not inspected in person), it appears to be in rough shape. Owner sez it's not been hauled or sailed in +3yrs. I'm not afraid of a project, as I've built several sail and power boats over the years. Without a haulout, what should I look for as potential problem areas? The owner sez the sails are the best part of the package - made by a local sail loft. All the standing and running riggings appears intact, although I assume much of that will have to be replaced due to exposure. Lastly, how suitable do you think this boat is for a novice sailor? Thinking it might be a good start for my 22 year old daughter to cut her teeth on. Thanks for any feedback.
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Re: Looking at Hull 432

Postby Quitcherbitchen » Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:55 pm

Well, Rc there could be many issues you might want to look at. Delamination of the deck, separation of the hull deck joint, Mast compression at the step down below near the keel are all common problems but very fixable. Broken hatches seem to be the most common. Tiller goose necks seize up too. I have made my own parts, but the good news is Schock can still get you what you might need. Their was a time 14 years ago that this forum had fifty visitors a day. Sorry it has taken so long for someone to respond to you. The boat is perfectly suited to your daughter though she might need a few friends to tag along. It is not really a one man boat.

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