Forward Hatch Latch - Better Solution?

Forward Hatch Latch - Better Solution?

Postby RRaedeke » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:30 pm

The forward hatch latches on hull #79 are a troublesome. I'm not sure if they are original, but the thumb screw you have to turn forever to clear the latch on the hull is not my favorite solution. One of the latches is broken and the other is so corroded that it's difficult to operate. As I look to replace the gasket and perhaps the hatches, I thought I would find a different solution for the latch if possible.
I'm sure many of you have a different solution in place for these hatches. Looking for what you've tried that has worked and what has failed.

I like the Southco flexible draw latch, ... --15578461
but I don't believe it has the lateral strength to hold the hatch closed fully. And if installed with the latch on the plexi side, I think pushing on the plexi would pop the cam and open right up.

Other ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you.
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Re: Forward Hatch Latch - Better Solution?

Postby Reaction126 » Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:12 am

Most of the boats that are raced take the hardware off the hatch and replace it with a soft attached bungie connected to both hatches. This reduces the number of things to snag the spinnaker on and makes it easy for the foredeck to pull the hatch open. Make sure the bungie is stiff enough to hold the hatch down in a blow.
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