Rebedding Keel and Replacing Stringers

Rebedding Keel and Replacing Stringers

Postby Biosudds » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:11 am

This winter I will be rebedding the keel on our boat. There is a 1/4" gap between the leading edge and the hull. While doing this I plan on also checking out the stringers to see if they should be replaced. There appears to be water intrusion around the keel bolts so it is likely that the stringers will need to be replaced. I was hoping some people here could give me some advice/pictures about what I am getting myself into.

My plan is to drop the mast and remove the compression post. Then remove the fiberglass cloth that covers the pan around the rear keel bolts. This way I can get an idea of how good/bad the stringers look.

If the stringers need to be replaced can I do that with the hull still resting on the keel or do I need to lift the hull? Is it possible to raise a Santana off its trailer bunks using 4-6 boat pads and slowly screwing them up?

I have read the thread where ttheland39 suggests using G10 to replace the stringers. I looks like there might be pictures of that repair floating around. If anyone has copies I would be very grateful for a copy of them.

As far as rebedding the keel I was planning to wedge it vertically in the trailer for cleaning and replacing the bedding material. I think this will work if I can use boat pads to lift the hull. Short of borrowing a transit does anyone have a good method for ensuring that the hull is vertically aligned with the keel? I was planning on using sikaflex as bedding compound as opposed to 3M 4200 or 5200. The thinking behind that is that the bedding compound is there to keep the water out and not keep the keel glued to the hull. Am I wrong in my thinking here?

Thanks in advance for any help, criticism, or suggestions.

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