About the Santana 20 Sailboat

The Santana 20, playfully called the "Tuna 20", 
is built by W.D. Schock Corporation of Corona, California.
Please visit them on the web at www.wdschock.com to 
learn more about the the boat, parts, or where to find a dealer.
Basic Characteristics of the Santana 20
LOA		20' 2 1/2"
LWL		16'
Beam		8'
Draft: Fin Keel	4'
Draft: Wing Keel	32"
Displacement	1350 lbs.
Ballast (lead)	550 lbs.
Sail Area		204 sq. ft.
	I	24.5'
	P	24.5'
	E	7.0'
	J	8.16'
PHRF Rating:	222 (Your mileage may vary)

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