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Last updated 04/28/2016

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4/25/2016 FOR SALE: Santana 20 stickers

Large: $7.00

Small: $5.00




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4/13/2015 FOR SALE: North Sails brand Santana 20 Genoa
  • Used for 3 Wednesday nights of racing
  • Located in Los Angeles, CA area
  • $480 (which is half its original price) plus shipping



(310) 600-5214

4/7/2016 FOR SALE: 1977 Santana 20 with Trailer
  • The boat has been used for a number of years to teach children the joys of sailing.  It was used only in the summer months and stored on a trailer the rest of the year. Its a great little boat but we have been fortunate enough to obtain a slightly larger boat that will accommodate more kids.
  • Main and jib sails
  • Top cover
  • Trailer. Has been used for storage onsite only for years, so itll will need some TLC if its going to make a long trip.
  • Boat located at Southwestern YC in San Diego, CA
  • $1500 OBO


Brian Stanford

(619) 222-0438 x121


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3/8/2016 SOLD: Colorful McKibbin Santana 20 Spinnaker
  • Beautiful brightly-colored spinnaker and original sail bag
  • This is a used spinnaker with several patches and one small unpatched tear (see photo)
  • We sold our Santana 20 several years ago and kept this sail in case we bought another S20
  • Located in Maryland
  • Selling for $150 or best offer, plus shipping


2/6/2016 WANTED: Original S20 traveler car with cam cleats




(406) 880-1832

2/2/2016 WANTED: Santana 20 gooseneck
  • New or old
  • Would prefer to not reconfigure boom, but if you have an alternative, please let me know.




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12/8/2015 WANTED: S20 Bow Pulpit
  • Looking for a bow pulpit for a 1986 Santana 20 (hull #708)




(402) 212-3728

10/5/2015 FOR SALE: Santana 20 Spinnaker
  • Good condition
  • Includes spinnaker sheets and twing lines.
  • 0.75 oz cloth
  • Located in Dallas, TX
  • $325



(970) 412-8324


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10/5/2015 FOR SALE: Haarstick Santana 20 155% Mylar Genoa
  • Very good condition
  • Great light air sail
  • Includes sail bag
  • Located in Dallas, TX
  • $495

(970) 412-8324


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9/23/2015 FOR SALE: 1977 Santana 20 with Trailer
  • Formerly known as Nehushtan (from So. California)
  • New style deck
  • New mast mast a few years back
  • Tied for fleet championship last season
  • Excellent North Main, Genoa, and Spinnaker
  • Good Jib
  • Never bottom painted
  • Motor Mount
  • Trailer is fair Good Tires - California title and PTI license plate
  • Newer running rigging.
  • Sails and running rigging stored off boat during summer.  Rerun the lines and she is ready to sail
  • Located in the Chandler, AZ area - may deliver for gas
  • $3900



(480) 270-2443


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8/6/2015 FOR SALE: Santana 20 #3 with Trailer
  • She's in good shape overall but needs a little love, cleaning, the bearings on the traveler rebuilt and the gooseneck bracket replaced.
  • Trailer is rough; I have only used it for winter storage.
  • Comes with about 8 sails plus spinnaker, pole and whisker pole
  • Please text, call or message me for more details
  • Located at Lake of the Ozarks (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • $2,500



(816) 919-1611


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FOR SALE: Santana 20 Spinnaker

  • Has a few patches but it is still clean and crisp!

  • Waagmeester Sails - Portland, Oregon

  • Class Royalty Tag

  • Bright Yellow Sail with Red / Green tape trim running the length of each leech.

  • Luff: 27'6"

  • Leech: 24'8"

  • Foot: 15'5"

  • Replacement Price: $ 1450 ( 10/2014)

  • $325.00 obo

  • Located in Long Beach, California




(562) 544-3336  (mp/text)


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5/30/2015 FOR SALE: Jib Cars + Misc Blocks
  • 3 jib cars for the original 15/16" wide track. Good, useable condition.  Make reasonable offer for each or all three.
  • 2 older style Harken 3" ratchet blocks, one ratchet does not turn off otherwise works OK. $25 for both
  • Harken 3" non-ratchet fiddle block with becket and Harken 150 cleat $25 for both
  • Prices don't include shipping
  • Payment by PayPal preferred



(707) 501-8249


Change (at) to @

5/18/2015 WANTED: Santana 20 original traveler car with cam cleats.



(406) -880-1832


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5/14/2015 WANTED: Santana 20 parts or parts boat

I'm the owner of an old style deck Santana 20.  I am looking for the following parts:

  • Forestay with fittings
  • Suit of sails (main, jib, genoa, chute)
  • Lower shroud tracks (the short ones), angled wood risers, cars & blocks



(503) 695-2462


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5/14/2015 WANTED: Used Blade Jib Sail



(845) 399-2355


4/17/2015 WANTED: Santana 20
  • Looking for a Santana 20 in good condition
  • I'm located near Weatherby Lake, MO

(913) 689-5400


Change (at) to @


2/17/2015 SOLD: Santana 20 #783 with Trailer
  • Well equipped for racing and cruising with friends on the bay.
  • Very competitive with a load of hardware and sails: Quantum Main, Kevlar Genoa, .65 Kite in great shape, very fast North black Pentex Genoa, practice and bay cruise main, North blade, 3 other practice spinnakers
  • Custom bow sprit and asymmetric spinnaker
  • This boat has hit 11 knots with this rig.
  • Kelp window
  • Full boat cover to waterline
  • Road Trailer
  • 1 year old rigging
  • Dry sailed
  • Located in San Diego, CA
  • $3400 OBO
2/12/2005 WANTED: The Mud Flap Girl.  Top dollar paid.




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