Santana 20
Articles of Association


The name of this Association shall be SANTANA 20 CLASS ASSOCIATION, hereinafter called the Association.


The object of the Association shall be to maintain the one-design features of the Santana 20 according to its plans and specifications and these Articles and Bylaws, and to promote class racing and such other yachting activities as will benefit the members of the Association.


The policy of the Association shall be:

  1. To cooperate with other yachting organizations and, in return, to insist on strict observance and compliance with the rules of the Santana 20 Class Association.
  2. To keep the cost of acquisition and upkeep of Santana 20 class sloops within modest limits without sacrificing high standards of performance and seaworthiness.
  3. To promote and maintain a one-design class of Santana 20 sloops divided into two types represented by the fin keel and the winged keel versions as produced by the W. D. Schock Corporation and licensees in which racing shall be to determine the skill of the skipper and the crew under uniform rules and specifications.


  1. The Association has jurisdiction over all Santana 20 Class activities. Its Articles and Bylaws shall govern all Santana 20 Class races regardless of by whom they are held, and are binding upon all members and Fleets.
  2. Permission must be obtained from the Association prior to eliminating or deviating from any requirement of these Articles and Bylaws in racing a Santana 20 Class sloop.
  3. All events involving racing within the territorial waters of a Fleet shall be sanctioned by the Fleet through its elected officers.
  4. All disputes or issues involving the interpretation of these Articles and Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Governing Board of the Association for resolution and the decisions of the Governing Board shall be final and binding upon all officers, Members, and Fleets of the Association.
  5. The Association shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its officers, Fleet officers, or members other than expenditures authorized by the budget or upon written order of the President and Treasurer.
  6. The Association reserves the right to declare ineligible any yacht which does not conform to the SPIRIT as well as the letter of these Articles and Bylaws, and the specifications and drawings of the Santana 20.


  1. The Fleet is a territorial unit open to all eligible persons within its area. It elects its own officers, which must include a Fleet Secretary. The Fleet is self-governing in all local matters not conflicting with these Association Articles and Bylaws, and has the authority to accept or reject application for Fleet Membership.
  2. Fleet Charters may be granted upon application to the Governing Board by three (3) or more owners who are Members in good standing of the Association and not within the territory of any organized Fleet.
  3. Fleet Charters by be granted, suspended and reinstated by the Governing Board, but may be revoked only at an annual meeting of the Association. Grounds for suspension and revocation of Fleet Charters are:
    1. Failure to maintain in good standing at least three (3) yachts;
    2. Failure to pay the prescribed dues to the Association;
    3. Failure to file an annual report to Fleet Members by February 15 of each calendar year;
    4. Failure to comply with the provisions of these Articles and Bylaws.
  4. Suspended Fleets, Members and ineligible yachts shall be notified of such suspension and the grounds of suspension; and while such suspension is in effect, may not participate in any event conducted in whole or in part for the Santana 20 Class, its Members or its Fleets.


  1. The Board of Directors shall be known as the Governing Board; and shall consist of all executive officers, the immediate past president, the district secretaries and the other directors specified in Article VII and shall serve for a term as specified therein.
  2. For purposes of doing business, a quorum shall consist of a majority of the Board, excluding the district secretaries.
  3. The Governing Board shall conduct all business, determine policy of the Santana 20 Class Association and shall serve as the last court of appeals in disputes involving these Articles and Bylaws.
  4. The Governing Board shall meet at such time and place as may be specified by the President or a majority of the members of the Governing Board.
  5. The Governing Board has the authority to enforce its decisions by suspension of entire Fleets or individual members. The Board shall sanction or ban races, grant or revoke Fleet Charters and suspend members guilty of gross violation of rules or unsportsmanlike conduct. Its rulings shall be binding and final. A three-fourths majority vote shall decide such issues.


  1. The Executive Officers and Directors of the Santana 20 Class Association and their respective duties shall be as follows:
    1. PRESIDENT - The President is the Chief Executive. He shall preside at meetings, serve as Chairman of the Governing Board, rule on procedure and jurisdiction, summarize decisions, appoint special committees, determine the time and place for meetings of the Governing Board and authorize payments of bills not exceeding $50.00, payment of those in excess of $50.00 being approved for payment by a three-fourths majority vote.
    2. VICE PRESIDENT - The Vice President shall officiate in the absence of the President and is in charge of the Class Championship Regatta.
    3. SECRETARY - The Secretary shall handle all correspondence, record the minutes of meetings and maintain an accurate and current record of members, Fleets and Fleet Officers. He shall notify the membership of special events, decisions affecting policy, banned races, suspended members and/or Fleets and ineligible Santana 20 sloops.
    4. TREASURER - The Treasurer shall maintain financial records and securities of the Association. He shall deposit funds and disburse funds only on order of the President with the approval of the Governing Board when in excess of $50.00.
    5. CHIEF MEASURER - The Chief Measurer shall be in charge of all certified measurers on the Measurement Committee assembled for the Class Championship Regatta. He shall grant or reject all measurement certificates, issue duplicates and answer all questions from Fleet Measurers regarding measurement rules. He shall interpret the rules and regulations on matters not specifically covered in the official plans and specifications. Such rulings shall be subject to approval of the Governing Board. The Chief Measurer shall not approve changes in construction specifications, sail plan or rigging. Rulings of the Chief Measurer approved by the Board shall be included in the Annual Report of the Chief Measurer.
    6. OTHER DIRECTORS - There shall be two other Directors and they shall evaluate and make recommendations to the Governing Board regarding:
      1. Changes in the Articles and Bylaws of the Association.
      2. Organization of special committees, including publicity, nominations, activities and membership.
    7. SCHOCK COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE - In recognition of Tom Schock's services to the Santana 20 Class, he shall hold the office of Honorary Director permanently. He may vote.
  2. All officers and directors, excluding Tom Schock, shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association for a term commencing with the annual meeting and expiring at the conclusion of the next annual meeting. Each shall be nominated, seconded and voted upon separately by the fleet delegates in the order named. Candidates shall be presented by the Chairman of the Nominating Committee who shall be the Immediate Past President.
  3. An Executive Officer or Director may resign his office by sending written notice to the Board of Directors. Any such resignation shall become effective upon acceptance of the Board of Directors.
  4. Any member of the Board of Directors who fails to attend three (3) consecutive Board meetings without adequate excuse to the President prior to the meeting shall be deemed to have requested resignation from the Board.
  5. A vacancy occurring in any elective office, except that of President shall be filled by appointment by the President with approval of the Board for the unexpired term. In case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President shall become President for the unexpired term.


  1. A District shall be a geographical area as defined by the Board of Directors.
  2. District Officers:
    1. DISTRICT SECRETARY - The District Secretary shall be a member of the Governing Board and shall have general supervision over all Santana 20 Class Association activities in the District. He shall coordinate policy and decisions of the Governing Board with each Fleet in the District.
    2. The District Secretary shall be selected by the Governing Board and shall serve during the ensuing year.


  1. The Association shall conduct an annual meeting at such time and place as may be determined by the Governing Board. The Governing Board shall set a time and place for the Annual Meeting which coincides with the time and place of the Class Championship Regatta.
  2. Special meeting of the Association may be called by the Governing Board and shall be called upon petition in writing by at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the active Fleets of the Association to the Governing Board. The time and place of special meetings in all cases shall be fixed by the Governing Board.
  3. Notice must be sent to the last recorded Secretary of each Fleet and shall be deposited into the mails not later than fifteen (15) days before the time of such meeting. The notice of a meeting shall describe the purpose of the meeting and the business to be transacted at such meeting. If the business of the meeting calls for voting by mail, arrangements for such voting shall be made according to the rules established by the Governing Board.
  4. Representatives of one-half of the Fleets in good standing shall constitute a quorum at meetings. If a quorum exists at Roll Call, it exists throughout the session of the meeting.
  5. The membership of each Fleet shall select and instruct a delegate. If unable to send a delegate, the Fleet shall sign and deliver to the Secretary of the Association, a duly authorized proxy to present the Fleet's views and cast its votes at all meetings. If any Fleet does not send a delegate or deliver a proxy as set forth above, the Governing Board shall cast the votes to which such fleet is entitled.
  6. Any number of alternates or proxies may be named, but the first in order present shall be the only entitled to cast the Fleet's votes. Only those alternates or proxies properly certified in writing by the proper Fleet officers will be recognized.
  7. Each Fleet shall be entitled to cast one vote for each Santana 20 Class sloop enrolled in that Fleet, which has been properly recorded with the Association by an active member in good standing. No Fleet is entitled to more than thirty-three and one third percent (33 1/3%) of the total number of votes cast. No more than one vote shall be allowed for any one member no matter how many Santana 20 Class sloops he may own. Membership books close thirty (30) days before the annual meeting or as ordered by the Governing Board.
  8. Members may be heard, but only accredited delegates, proxies, alternates and unattached members shall vote on motions. All Fleet delegates or unattached members must vote on each motion unless excused by the Chairman of the Annual Meeting. A majority of votes cast shall decide all questions not otherwise stipulated and the Chair shall cast the one deciding vote in case of a tie and may fix a time limit on speakers and debate on motions.
  9. The order of business at annual meetings shall be:
    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call of Fleets
    3. Minutes of Last Meeting
    4. Report of Executive Officers
    5. Report of Charters Granted and Revoked
    6. Ratification of Governing Board Rulings
    7. Unfinished Business
    8. New Business
    9. Election of Officers
    10. Adjournment


  1. These Articles and Bylaws may never be suspended but may be amended at any meeting of the Association by a fifty-one percent (51%) majority vote of all paid members in good standing through their fleet delegates at the meeting.
  2. Proposed amendments of the Articles of Association and Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Association not later than forty-five (45) days before the date such amendments are to be considered at the Annual Meeting or at any special meeting of the Association and must be included in the notice which shall be mailed to the general membership not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting.
  3. The Governing Board shall have the authority to simplify, clarify or correct the language of any Article hereof or amendment hereto so long as the intent and purpose thereof remain unchanged.
  4. Proposed amendments to these Articles and Bylaws shall be submitted by the Governing Board.
  5. A proposed change may be initiated by a majority vote of the delegates present at the Annual Class Meeting. The proposed change will be voted on at the next Annual Class Meeting.
  6. These Articles and Bylaws may be amended by the written consent of the majority of members. Fleets shall give such consent only upon vote of members at a meeting thereof or written consent of a majority of the fleet.


  1. Applications for membership in the Association shall be made through the Fleet in whose jurisdiction or territory the applicant normally sails; and if no Fleet has jurisdiction over such territory, then such application shall be directly to the Association. A member of this Association not in the Fleet shall be known as an Unattached member.
  2. A member while in good standing of this Association shall be eligible to race in any sanctioned race. He/She shall be required to conform to the local Fleet rules and regulations and shall hold an "Official Certificate of Measurement" and a current Santana 20 Class Association membership card.
  3. Any member may be expelled from the Santana 20 Class Association only by three-quarters (3/4) vote at an Annual Meeting.
  4. Except for participation in a Class Championship Regatta, a participant in a sanctioned event shall be allowed thirty (30) days from the time he acquired his Santana 20 to meet all measurement and membership requirements of the Association, but shall be subject to protest and, if that boat, equipment, and sails do not meet the requirements of these Bylaws, disqualification.
  5. Members who are delinquent in either Fleet or Association dues shall be ineligible and disqualified from racing until the dues are paid. Members who race when delinquent in their dues may be suspended.
  6. When a member ceases to be a Santana 20 Class sloop owner, current membership status shall be retained, along with racing eligibility, until the end of the calendar period when his dues are payable again.
  7. A member cannot belong to more than one Fleet at one time nor can a Santana 20 Class sloop be registered in more than one Fleet at one time.
  8. Membership shall be of three classes:

a)       REGULAR MEMBER – An owner of a qualified Santana 20 Class sloop who shall have voting privileges in the Association.  An owner must be able to prove ownership in the boat.

b)       ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Any interested person who pays dues who shall not have voting privileges.  An Associate Member shall be eligible to skipper a Santana 20 only if it is registered with the Association by a Regular Member.

c)       AFFILIATE MEMBER – Any interested person who normally sails outside the U.S.  An Affiliate Member is ineligible to receive the Year Book; is ineligible to enter fleet, district, or regional championship regattas held within U.S. boundaries; and is ineligible to enter the Class Championship Regatta. 

9.       Only one Regular Member per boat shall be eligible to vote.  Regular and Associate Members only shall be allowed to touch the helm except in emergency cases.  Each membership shall include the member’s spouse and children under the age of 18.

10.   “GUEST" - A skipper who is not an Association Member may be a guest of one sponsoring Santana 20 Fleet for one regatta or series per year, with the exception of any event of the status of fleet championship or higher. The guest must obtain the approval of the sponsoring Fleet Captain or Secretary prior to racing in the regatta or series. Guest skipper names will be submitted to the Association Secretary within one (1) month after the regatta or series begins. The boat used by a guest must conform to measurements and be owned by an Association member.


  1. The annual dues of the Association shall be:

a)      Regular Member: $50.00

b)       Associate Member: $25.00

c)       Affiliate Member: $15.00

The Governing Board may approve discounts and incentives to increase membership.

  1. Fleet dues shall be prescribed by the Fleet and shall be retained by that Fleet.
  2. Association dues are collected by the Fleet Secretary/Treasurer and forwarded to the Association Secretary with identification of Members and related yachts on or before October 15 of each year, or in the case of new Members, within fifteen (15) days of collection.
  3. The Secretary of the Association shall issue current membership cards to all Members in good standing.